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JSAE2009 – Day 3.4 Well deserved breather

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

It was a job well done, and our team members could afford a breather for the first time in 3 long demanding days. We only had to securely fix the silencer back in place before the next morning and it was our good old friends from Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology who generously offered their hardware once again.

The war was far from over. The main event with up to 350 marks up for grabs was scheduled on the last day and we had to be ready for it. But for now, a good night’s sleep was top priority.

Wind powered island

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Had a chance to visit the wind farm on Koh Larn the other day with members from the Dept. of Industrial Promotion. For those not familiar with Thailand geography, Koh Larn is an island about 30-minute by boat from the city of Pattaya.

Seriously, I was working. Not on holidays as some might think.

Anyways. Back to work. Here we are on the hills just behind Sa-mae beach (on the South-West part of the island) where the wind is blowing pretty constantly. At least that’s what we felt while standing there. A bunch of small scale low-speed wind turbines cover the side of the hills. Each 4m diameter unit is capable of churning out 4.5kW. Quite an impressive sight.

Unfortunately, precise technical electricity production details are not available. For more information, please read this article. So that is it. We are now heading back to the beach to munch some seafood. Guess what. Another little wind turbine.

After all, good day at work isn’t it.

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